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 Intuitiva Nutrition is a health and wellness website where we focus on making it easier for our clients to achieve their nutritional goals. We understand that life gets busy which makes it difficult to carry a healthy lifestyle. At Intuitiva Nutrition we offer essential Nutrition Education services where we focus on providing our clients an entire framework of tools to overall achieve well-being. We believe that intuitive eating not only allows our clients to gain a healthier relationship with food but also successfully achieve personalized goals throughout our sessions. It is important for us to set our clients for success by educating them on how to practice intuitive eating and by working together on their own SMART goals. 

What is Intuitive Eating? Intuitive eating is a non-diet eating approach that promotes a healthy attitude towards food and body image. The goal of practicing intuitive eating is to understand the difference between physical and emotional hunger.

Our goal at Intuitiva Nutrition is to provide nutrition education services to everyone by making our services affordable and easily accessible to anyone who needs it. 

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